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Santa Barbara Bugs

Connecting the Santa Barbara community to edible insects. 

Normalizing edible insects may help create a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. Santa Barbara Bugs is a local, collaborative effort to create dialogue about food and the future through edible insects. Join us in learning, teaching and sharing stories about edible insects and food in our community.  

The Research Team

Santa Barbara Bugs is growing! We have a team of students and community members who lead edible insect education and share information with others in our local area. Some have even started insect farms!  Contact us to find out how to get involved.

MacKenzie Wade

I am an Anthropology PhD Researcher at UC Santa Barbara. I began farming mealworms in 2014 and have since been involved in research and discussion around the future of food.  My work considers cultural food perceptions (why do we eat what we eat?) and issues of sustainability, justice, and food sovereignty. 

Learn More
Learn More

1. Check out this interview with KCSB radio.

2. Stay up-to-date on local edible insect events or organize your own. 

3. Find edible insects in our local area to create your own taste experience. 

4. Ask us a question to find out more!  

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Find Bugs
Find Bugs

Santa Barbara

1. Ralphs: Chirps Chips

2. Mercado El Rey: Chapulines

Goleta/Isla Vista

3. Old Town Coffee: Exo Crickets

4. The Arbor: Exo Crickets

5. IV Co-op: Chirps Chips


6. 8 Regiones Comida Oaxaqueña: Chapulines

7. Oaxaco: Chapulines




MacKenzie Wade

Office: HSSB 2075,

UC Santa Barbara


Upcoming Events

Check out These Local & Online options for learning more

"Meat the beetles"
Desert DazE Festival
october 2022

KCSB Podcast Episode

The future of food, sxsw
March 2023

Share your thoughts and photos

Santa Barbara Bugs relies on community collaboration! Think local restaurants should serve bugs? Have a recipe to post? Just want to share your thoughts? We want to hear from you! Add a message below or share a photo with us on Instagram!

Thank you!

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